DID Numbers

Buy a DID number and begin forwarding calls within minutes! With no setup fees or contracts, Paragon provides local and international DID numbers in over 200 countries worldwide. Every DID phone number comes with 20+ VoIP features for free. Choose a number and try out the best VoIP DID number provider without risk.

DID Section

If you are looking for more efficient ways to manage inbound and outbound calls, then you may consider getting a direct inward dialing service. We are a provider of Direct Inward Dialing Phone Numbers that can and is used by Mobile Operators, LECs, ClECs, IXCs, and other telecommunications service providers that offer or use any type of phone numbers in their network. If you have a DID service provider, you do not need a hardware card, such as a PRI Card or an Analog Card, to receive calls. The call is routed to you via the Internet.

VoIP DID Numbers for Sale Worldwide

  • Get toll free, non-geographic, and local DID numbers in 200+ countries
  • Forward calls to one or multiple devices around the world, including landlines, mobile devices, and VoIP softphones
  • We provides access to premium dial-codes where most DID providers can’t.
  • The Most Reliable International DID Number Provider.
  • Expect amazing call quality no matter where you do business.
  • Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) available for businesses using enterprise contact center licenses.
  • Port Your DID Numbers from Almost Anywhere. Close partnerships with local carriers around the world make it easy to port numbers from countries where other DID providers struggle.