CDR Processing Solution

Our Billing Tool Service which provides best-of-breed TDM/SIP Interworking services on the cloud. With Real-Time Billing, Charging and Analytics. Helping And Streamlining Sales And Support Processes. With Third Party Integrations So That You Can Run Your Business More Smoothly

Our tool integrate with almost all major switch e.g. VOS, Genband, MySQL, SFTP. Our development team is working on other major switches.

In few months we are releasing new feature of integration with payment gateway PayPal.

Development team is working on Accounting automation with QuickBooks and SAGE platform.


All Billing, Invoicing, Settlement, Netting and other functionalities to meet all financial aspects of a business.

Rate Management

Rate Management involves classified Customer & Vendor Rates, LCR, A-Z generation, Unlimited rate tables, Centralized rate management.

Reporting, Monitoring and Analytics

Specifically designed to serve near-real time monitoring, alerting and reporting requirements of any business. Consists of granular traffic monitors, flexible alarming engine, CDR details, and more, in order to make better business decisions

Server Setup and Consulting

We work as Systems Integrator Service Provider to Communication Service Providers across the globe.

Sourcing Framework
Service Infrastructure
Network Planning, design & Integration
Ongoing Network maintenance and management

Colocation and POP

We provide B2B CoLo and POP solution using our channel partner services like Gigenet, DataPlugs or Ctrl Server etc . One Stop Shop to our clients for both Co-Lo and POP which reduce time for setup and increase efficiency.

DID Numbers

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a telecommunications feature that allows external callers to directly reach an extension within a private branch exchange (PBX) or a voice over IP (VoIP) system without going through a receptionist or an automated attendant.

Here's how it works

Assignment of DID Numbers: Each employee or department is assigned a unique DID number, which corresponds to their extension within the organization's phone system. External Caller Dials DID Number: When an external caller dials the DID number of a specific employee or department, the call is routed directly to that extension without needing to go through a central switchboard or receptionist. Call Routing: The PBX or VoIP system uses the DID number to identify the destination extension and routes the incoming call accordingly. Direct Connection: The call is directly connected to the designated extension, allowing the recipient to answer the call immediately, bypassing any intermediary steps. DID offers several benefits for organizations.


By enabling direct connections between external callers and internal extensions, DID streamlines the call handling process and reduces the need for manual call routing. Improved Customer Experience: External callers can reach their desired contacts more quickly and easily, enhancing customer satisfaction and responsiveness. Flexibility: DID numbers can be easily assigned, modified, or reassigned as needed, providing flexibility to accommodate changes in organizational structure or staffing. Overall, DID is a valuable feature in telecommunications systems, facilitating efficient communication and enhancing the accessibility of employees within an organization.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, is a form of digital marketing that involves sending promotional messages, alerts, notifications, and other types of content to a targeted audience via SMS (Short Message Service) or text messages on mobile phones. This marketing strategy leverages the popularity and convenience of mobile devices to reach customers and potential customers directly.

Why choose SMS Marketing for your business?

With an open rate of 98%, it is highly unlikely that your messages would go unnoticed.

The other obvious benefit of bulk SMS marketing relies in the fact that it allows a large audience to be directly reached by businesses efficiently. So, not only can you be sure that you will reach your target audience but, you’ll also have the certainty that your message has been seen.

Proof that SMS Marketing is as powerful as it seems

There are many statistics showing the effectiveness of SMS marketing and just how efficient it can be in reaching its goal. Among the pool of statistics, here are the ones we found to be most prevalent

With customer’s preferring to receive updates regarding brands 22% via email, 20% via app notifications and only 8% via direct mail, they preferred SMS marketing with a whopping 48%.

When compared to the 20% of emails opened and read by customers, the 98% of SMS opened provides further proof that SMS marketing stands much superior to email marketing.

Marketing campaigns sent via text message have an astounding read and response rate of 95%.

75% of customers prefer offers being sent via SMS as it is the most convenient way of receiving information.

IoT (Internet of things)

IoT (Internet of Things) services refer to the suite of technologies, platforms, and solutions that enable devices and objects to connect, communicate, and exchange data over the Internet. These services play a crucial role in creating smart environments, improving efficiency, enhancing decision-making, and enabling new business models.

With IoT, traffic is adaptive, meaning peak periods can be addressed dynamically without long term commitments.

Devices and Sensors

Explanation of IoT-enabled devices and various types of sensors used for data collection.


Discussion on communication protocols (MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, etc.) and networking technologies (5G, LPWAN, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Data Processing

Overview of edge computing and cloud computing for data processing and analysis.

Design and Development

After putting together a variety of effective tactics, we create a user-friendly website for our customers. Our talented web designers craft a faultless architecture and effective navigation for your website.

The talented website designers and developers at Paragon are skilled. They regularly receive training from various seminars, groups, forums, and webinars, so they have a good understanding of technical web terminologies, tools, and technologies. Our knowledgeable staff takes the time to clearly explain everything to each client. In addition to building websites, we provide our clients with a variety of other services, like SEO, content production, social media marketing, site management, coding, perceptible designing, layouts, and much more. We provide simple, static, dynamic, and interactive websites.

We are specialists in Shopify/WordPress CMS Website Design & Development

We set businesses up for online success. We can tailor you a bespoke web & digital marketing package that marries your business growth ambitions with your functionality requirements and budget.

Get More Online Revenue With Our E-Commerce Solutions

We are providing top notch e-commerce development services with fully tested and continuous ecommerce web design and development services that will surely enhance traffic and sales. With our vast experience in this field, we implement all those methodologies that turn fruitful for fast navigation, smooth order processing, easy payment sending and receiving options worldwide.