SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, is a form of digital marketing that involves sending promotional messages, alerts, notifications, and other types of content to a targeted audience via SMS (Short Message Service) or text messages on mobile phones. This marketing strategy leverages the popularity and convenience of mobile devices to reach customers and potential customers directly.

Why choose SMS Marketing for your business?

With an open rate of 98%, it is highly unlikely that your messages would go unnoticed.

The other obvious benefit of bulk SMS marketing relies in the fact that it allows a large audience to be directly reached by businesses efficiently. So, not only can you be sure that you will reach your target audience but, you’ll also have the certainty that your message has been seen.

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Make every message personal

Secure and Encrypted

Wide range of uses

Proof that SMS Marketing is as powerful as it seems

There are many statistics showing the effectiveness of SMS marketing and just how efficient it can be in reaching its goal. Among the pool of statistics, here are the ones we found to be most prevalent

  • With customer’s preferring to receive updates regarding brands 22% via email, 20% via app notifications and only 8% via direct mail, they preferred SMS marketing with a whopping 48%.
  • When compared to the 20% of emails opened and read by customers, the 98% of SMS opened provides further proof that SMS marketing stands much superior to email marketing.
  • Marketing campaigns sent via text message have an astounding read and response rate of 95%.
  • 75% of customers prefer offers being sent via SMS as it is the most convenient way of receiving information.

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